Women of a certain age...and attitude

When I first began writing, my agent told me to write what I knew. I knew women over forty, strong and sexy, who had already fought many of their toughest battles, and knew their place in the world.

That is the woman I write about.

The Mt. Abrams Mysteries

    • Meet Enza Biondi—the ballsy, quick-thinking owner of Luxe Affairs. Armed with a pink notebook and killer curves, she’s a party planner with no time for fools and a nose for murder.

    • When a surprise inheritance takes Risa Armitage to a bucolic inn in the Hudson Valley, she thinks she'd found a quick solution to all her problems. But a weekend getaway becomes a summer of discovery as she finds the key to her future may lie in the past — and the secret the Cliffe women have guarded for centuries.

    • Sara Fleming just wants to get through her senior year and get into a good music school. Her younger sister, Carrie, just wants to play soccer. But a chance encounter with a young stranger thrusts them into a world they never knew existed — a world on the brink of war.