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Smoke, Wings and Stone

Smoke, Wings and Stone

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Sixteen-year-old Carrie Fleming thought she was doing a good deed when a charming Frenchman claiming to be a prince crashed the wedding she was working. All she wanted to do was make sure he didn’t get into any trouble. And since he seemed infatuated with her older sister, Sara, it just made sense to ask Sara to help.

Sara Fleming just wanted to make it through her senior year and get into a great music school. She didn’t care about friends or boys or any of the other distractions of high school. And she certainly didn’t want anything to do with some guy who claimed to be a prince, sworn to protect the world from evil, no matter how romantic it sounded.

But -

He wasn’t an ordinary prince.

He wasn’t fighting an ordinary evil.

And Carrie and Sara were about to step into a world they could barely imagine…
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